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Exploring Innovation

Innovation of some type occurs in all fields and disciplines. This course, which helps students develop an innovative mind set, discusses the nature of innovation, including what innovation is, the goals and objectives of innovation, how innovation happens, and reasons that innovations succeed or fail. Case studies in a variety of disciplines are explored to further understanding of innovation

Pre-requisite: Second year standing or permission of instructor.

Topics (outline)

  • Innovation: definition and description
  • Creativity, discovery, invention, and innovation
  • Stages of the innovation process
  • Innovation outcomes: incremental improvements and radical changes
  • Innovation drivers and trends
  • Factors affecting success or failure of innovation
  • Technological evolution and innovation
  • Opportunities and resources available for student innovation

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Describe innovation and all stages of the process.
  • Describe where and how innovation occurs.
  • Discuss the goals and objectives of innovation.
  • Describe characteristics of successful innovation.
  • Differentiate innovation from related concepts such as creativity, discovery, and invention
  • Examine the history of a particular successful innovation.
  • Identify sources of innovation failure.
  • Explain ways to identify and clearly describe a problem where innovation could be a solution.
  • Recognize and describe multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary aspects of a problem and identify required skills for solving it.
  • List the steps of bringing an innovative solution to market.
  • Identify fundamentals of intellectual property, patent, trade secrets, and/or copyright regulations for domestic and international markets.
  • Examine existing knowledge and technology available to implement a solution.
  • Describe and demonstrate techniques of good brainstorming toward innovative solutions.
  • Describe the connections between technological evolution, innovation, society, and the economy.


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