Gene Polisseni Center Policies

Arena and Concourse Areas

Please do not prop open doors in the lobbies or the arena.

For the safety of all guests, please refrain from any stick and ball games in the lobby areas of the venue.

Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult.

All spectators should refrain from hanging or leaning over the glass.

Food, drink, chewing tobacco, and gum are prohibited near the playing ice surface.

Pets are prohibited.

Ice Surface

For your safety, please do not allow players to enter the ice surface until the Zamboni doors are closed.

Coaches must be present on the ice at all times. Please do not allow players to take the ice without supervision.

Near the end of a session, the Zamboni doors will open signaling that the session is over.

After resurfacing, enter the ice only after the Zamboni doors are closed. Use the doors provided for easy access on and off the ice.

For the safety and enjoyment of others, please be considerate to all skaters. Skaters should all skate in the same direction, and excessive speed is prohibited.

Street shoes, sleds, pushing bars, wheelchairs, etc. are prohibited on the ice.

Snowing other skaters and throwing snow are both prohibited.

Skaters assume all risks of injury sustained while participating in and/or observing ice skating.

Non-compliant individuals may be asked to leave the facility or may have privileges suspended.

Locker Rooms

All locker room assignments will be designated through building management.

Please insist that players keep the locker room clean. Teams that habitually do not keep locker rooms clean or damage them will forfeit their right to use locker rooms, or will require a monetary deposit.


There are restrooms located throughout the concourse areas.

Trash and Recycling

There are trash and recycling receptacles located throughout the venue.

Hockey Game Policies and Information

Alcoholic Beverages

Guests are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages into the Gene Polisseni Center. Persons under 21 years of age are not permitted to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. The Gene Polisseni Center reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is unable to produce an acceptable form of identification or who appears to be intoxicated. Alcoholic beverages are only sold, and allowed consumption within designated areas. The Gene Polisseni Center is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our guests. The sale, consumption, service and availability of alcohol may be restricted by the management of the arena in its sole discretion and is subject to compliance with all applicable governmental statutes, ordinances, University policies and regulation. Within the arena, the sale of beer is limited to two per customer, per purchase. The sale of alcohol may be stopped by the arena at any time during events. If you choose to drink, please do so responsibly. No consumption of alcoholic beverages in the parking lots or in parked vehicles


Animals are not permitted inside the Gene Polisseni Center. Exceptions include service animals such as guide, sign, and signal dogs to aide disabled guests.


All visitors to the Gene Polisseni Center are required to wear shoes and shirts at all times. Some language, gestures and suggestive art on apparel may also be considered inappropriate. The Gene Polisseni Center reserves the right to address these issues with all guests. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Banners may be brought into the arena and are encouraged provided they are not offensive, in poor taste, or commercial in nature. Banners may be draped or hung, as long as they do not obstruct the view of any guests, arena signage or present any safety hazard. The Gene Polisseni Center reserves the right to remove any banner which it deems offensive in nature.

Bicycles and Skateboards

Bicycles, skateboards, and rollerblades are prohibited in and around the facility.

Cameras/Video Equipment

Professional cameras or equipment are not allowed to be brought in to the venue unless user has the appropriate working media credential. Unauthorized filming, video or audio taping, photographs, records and all other depictions of Gene Polisseni Center and/or events are prohibited. RIT’s Public Safety and Gene Polisseni Center personnel reserve the right to examine and prohibit the use of any camera or recording equipment it deems unacceptable. Please contact us for more information at (585) 475 – 4121.


Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


The Gene Polisseni Center offers multiple points of sale within permanent arena concession stands and also offers food and drink at various mobile concession kiosks. Hours of operation for concessions vary based on length and type of event.


An elevator for guests with disabilities and for guests traveling to the press box or suite level will be available for guests needing it.

Emergency Exits

The Gene Polisseni Center asks all guest to observe and become familiar with all emergency exit locations upon entering the building. Emergency Evacuation In the event of an emergency situation where the arena would need to be evacuated, instructions will be announced via the public address system and arena staff will assist you in exiting the venue safely. If such circumstances arise, please remain calm, use common sense and follow instructions as they are announced.

Exit and Re-entry

There is a no re-entry policy for all major ticketed events. Once guests enter the venue for an event they are not permitted to exit and re-enter the Gene Polisseni Center for that same event. Only under emergency circumstances will a guest be permitted to re-enter the arena and prior to exiting arrangements must be made with venue personnel.

Fan Behavior

Fans violating local, state or federal laws, behavior deemed objectionable by the Gene Polisseni Center staff or any behavior that infringes upon other fans’ ability to enjoy the game will be asked to cease such behavior and may be ejected or arrested.

First Aid Station

The Gene Polisseni Center offers a First Aid Station on the main concourse, conveniently located at the east side of the venue. If immediate first aid is needed, ask any Gene Polisseni Center employee for assistance.

Handout/Vending Policy

Guests are not allowed to hand out promotional or advertisement brochures, flyers or any other collateral material to other guests while on the property of the Gene Polisseni Center, including parking lots without prior written approval from Gene Polisseni Center. No vendor is permitted to sell merchandise or food/drink of any kind while on the property of the Gene Polisseni Center without prior written approval from the Gene Polisseni Center.

Ice Access Policy

Arena guests are not permitted access to the playing surface at any time. Anyone entering the ice without proper credentials is subject to removal from the arena and arrest. Lost and Found Guests should contact the RIT Public Safety Department for assistance at (585) 475-2853. RIT is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Lost Children

In the event your child is lost, notify the nearest Public Safety or Security Officer immediately.

Parking Policy

Gene Polisseni Center parking lots will open two hours prior to face off. For more information on obtaining parking passes, please contact the box office at 585-475-4121.

Prohibited Items

Items that jeopardize the safety, viewing, listening pleasure, or enjoyment of other guests are prohibited. In accordance with building policy and security guidelines, items not allowed into the Gene Polisseni Center include but are not limited to: outside food or beverages, bottles or cans of any type, coolers, containers, weapons or firearms, fireworks, illegal substances, bullhorns, noisemakers, confetti, beach balls or other inflatable items, Frisbees, laser pointers, backpacks, large bags, large banners, sticks or poles, folding chairs, stools, skateboards, and roller blades, etc. RIT Campus Safety and Gene Polisseni Center management reserve the right to remove any items it deems a violation of its building policy and security guidelines. No check-in services are available for prohibited items.

Please note: Helium balloons are not allowed inside the venue due to the Reflected Beam Smoke Detection System; blockage of the beam will engage the fire alarm.


The throwing of any projectiles in seating areas, ramps, stairwells, on the ice surface, or any other areas is prohibited.

Security Searches and Metal Detectors

To help ensure the highest level of safety and security, all arena guests, employees, and vendors are subject to security searches and a courtesy screening, which may include metal detection devices.


The Gene Polisseni Center is a smoke-free facility. There are no designated smoking areas in or around the building. This guideline is meant to preserve the safety and health of all of our guests. Your cooperation is appreciated.


The Gene Polisseni Center will not permit vending, soliciting, collecting contributions for any purpose or the distribution of promotional materials on the premises unless approved by management.


Tickets can be purchased: online, over the phone by calling the Gene Polisseni Center Box Office at (585) 475-4121, or in person at the Gene Polisseni Center Box Office. Tickets purchased online and over the phone are subject to ticket and delivery fees. Visit for hockey tickets and more information.

Ticket Scalping

Ticket scalping – the resale of Gene Polisseni Center admission tickets – is strictly prohibited on the premise. Violators of this policy will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Tailgating Policy

Pre-game tailgating is permitted as long as it is conducted in a safe and respectful manner. Fans are asked to dispose of all trash in units located throughout the parking lot. BBQ pits, open fires, and alcohol are all strictly prohibited. Please do not block any emergency lanes or additional parking spots.

Wheelchair Seating

The arena contains many seats for wheel chairs as well as seats for companions. Wheelchair accommodations are available within each price level with wheel chair access designated restrooms, concession stands and other points throughout the venue.

Will Call Policy

Tickets may be picked up with photo ID at the box office will call window. The will call window will be open 120 minutes prior to events.


Non-compliant individuals may be asked to leave the facility or have privileges suspended.