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Building a Strong Inclusive Community 

Community Strand Focus: The focus of this work is on fostering a welcoming and inclusive informal community through a series of community building events and “Playback Theatre” workshops. The theater component introduces actors who recreate participant narratives around issues of identity and inclusivity to create stronger bonds between faculty and students. The Community Strand will work with existing (and newly created) student and faculty/student groups across the college to identify common challenges in the culture. Read More

This strand has a highly dedicated group of faculty liaisons. They meet regularly, go through trainings, and work together to take part in events, workshops and programs that encourage inclusiveness and community well-being among all on campus. 

Playback Theatre: Diversity Theater at RIT uses theater and theatrical techniques as a means of creating meaningful audience experiences within the context of diversity and inclusion education. This form of improvisational theater is practiced worldwide, and focuses on promoting social change leading to healthier, more civically engaged and inclusive communities.


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