MyDSO Portal

Spring 2023 Semester Reminder: Students must request the specific accommodations you wish to use in each class via the MyDSO Student Portal in order for your faculty to be notified about your accommodations. Click here for instructions on how to request accommodations and more.

The MyDSO Portal allows for easy, centralized access to accessibility and accommodation information for students registered with the Disability Services Office and the faculty who support them.

Student Portal

In the MyDSO Student Portal, students can:

  • View the accommodations for which they are eligible per the Disability Services Office
  • View and sign any necessary agreements related to specific accommodations (e.g. agreement for students with assistance animals)
  • Request the accommodations they wish to use in each of their classes every term
    • This is a new, mandatory step in our process as of Fall 2020. You must log into MyDSO and request the academic accommodations you wish to use in each of your courses every semester
  • Schedule quizzes/tests/exams with the Test Center
  • Schedule an appointment with the Disability Services Office staff

MyDSO Student Portal

Prospective Students

Prospective students considering RIT who have not yet been admitted, or admitted students who do not have an RIT email account yet, should fill out this form to request information about Disability Services.

MyDSO Prospective Student Form

Faculty Portal

In the MyDSO Faculty Portal, faculty can:

  • View and acknowledge accommodation information from Disability Service Office students who have requested accommodations in their classes
  • View and approve requests from students registered with the Disability Service Office to take exams/tests/quizzes in the Test Center
  • Upload exams/tests/quizzes for students using the Test Center
  • Submit exam/test/quiz details

MyDSO Faculty Portal

Accessing MyDSO

  1. Enter RIT username and password
  2. Multi-factor authentication is required via Duo Mobile
  3. If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to enter a code sent to you via text message