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General Education

General Education

General Education is an important component within every undergraduate degree program at RIT Dubai.

The purposeful inclusion of general education courses within the degree program helps students to delve into subject matters outside their major discipline of choice while ensuring that RIT Dubai continues to cultivate well-rounded graduates.

The General Education framework sets forth 16 Student Learning Outcomes that span across 9 general categories/perspectives (Communication, Critical Thinking, Ethical, Artistic, Global, Social, Natural Inquiry of Science, Scientific Principles and Mathematical) which can be seen in below.

Students within every degree program can select which courses they take to satisfy the various credit requirements within each perspective and at the same time students can use these courses to work towards completing Immersions and Minors.


General Education Program Learning Outcome


Express oneself effectively in common college-level written forms using standard American English

Revise and improve written products

Express oneself effectively in presentation, either in spoken standard American English or sign language

Demonstrate comprehension of information and ideas accessed through reading

Critical Thinking

Use relevant evidence gathered through accepted scholarly methods and properly acknowledge sources of information

Analyze or construct arguments considering their premises, assumptions, contexts, and conclusions, and anticipating counterarguments

Reach sound conclusions based on logical analysis of evidence

Demonstrate creative or innovative approaches to assignments or projects


Identify contemporary ethical questions and relevant positions


Interpret and evaluate artistic expression considering the cultural context in which it was created


Examine connections among the world’s populations


Analyze similarities and differences in human social experiences and evaluate the consequences

Natural Inquiry of Science

Apply methods of scientific inquiry and problem solving to contemporary issues and scientific questions

Scientific Principles

Demonstrate knowledge of basic principles and concepts of one of the natural sciences


Comprehend and evaluate mathematical or statistical information

Perform college-level mathematical operations or apply statistical techniques

To graduate, students need to complete all the requirements as listed in the curriculum. Click here for the graduation policy.

Dr. Jillian M. Pandor

Professor and Chair

Dr. Jameel Maki

Associate Professor

Dr. Adrianne Calfo

Associate Professor

Dr. Rouba Borghol

Associate Professor

Dr. Mirosh Thomas

Assistant Professor

Dr. Salameh Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Dr. Yahya Haidar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nasih Osmanovic

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ali Sayyad

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jamaal Pitt

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rema M. Amawi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jason Barry

Visiting Assistant Professor