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EMBA Advisory Board

Our EMBA Advisory Board is comprised of alumni from a wide variety of industries located across the country. Their professional accomplishments and robust experience make them a crucial asset to the future planning of the EMBA program.

Aric Dershem

Aric Dershem EMBA
Vice President of Administration

National Heritage Academies
Online EMBA Class 13

Michael Dolpp

Michael Dolpp EMBA
Senior VP / General Manager

Altra Industries / Thompson
Online EMBA Class 17

Peter Giovenco

Peter Giovenco EMBA
President / CEO

On Campus EMBA Class 19

Christina Gullo

Christina Gullo EMBA
President / CEO

Villa of Hope
On Campus EMBA Class 13

Kenneth Hurd

Kenneth Hurd EMBA
Director of Engineering Services

ENSCO Avionics
Online EMBA Class 24

Kenneth McCray

Kenneth McCray EMBA
Head of Channel Sales and Operations

Online EMBA Class 21

Ellen Morris

Ellen Morris EMBA
Global Consumer Insight Manager

Walt Disney Company
On Campus EMBA Class 19

Ray Pettine

Ray Pettine EMBA
Vice President, Commercial Banking

Genesee Regional Bank
On Campus EMBA Class 24

Emily Riley

Emily Riley EMBA
Director, Strategy Planning

Mondelez International
Online EMBA Class 21

Jorge Rodriguez

Jorge Rodriguez EMBA
President / CEO

Claro Enterprise Solutions
Online EMBA Class 16

Patrick Talty

Patrick Talty EMBA
President / Chief Security Officer

ID Billing Solutions
On Campus EMBA Class 8

Salley Thornton

Salley Thornton EMBA
Director, National Communications

Toshiba Business Solutions
On Campus EMBA Class 20