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International Trip

By general student consensus, the International Seminar is considered an exceptional and distinctive program experience. Students balance company visits and cultural excursions to truly experience what doing business in different parts of the world is like. In addition, teams undertake their second client consulting projects during this international trip.

Prior to departure, students perform relevant country, industry, and firm-specific research on their assigned foreign companies. Once in country, students deepen their understanding through meetings with industry experts and company leaders. Toward the end of the trip, teams meet with their project companies, tour facilities, and negotiate the deliverables for their specific company projects.

Upon their return to the States, students then have approximately four weeks to complete their projects and deliver their reports and briefings to their respective clients.


Past locations include:

  • Prague
  • Milan
  • Munich
  • Beijing & Shanghai
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Suzhou
  • Istanbul
  • Budapest
  • Santiago
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Warsaw & Krakow
  • Dubai

What is the international residency?

The international trip is a 7-to-10-day immersion in a foreign culture and its business practices. It serves as an opportunity to apply classroom education in a global setting.

Prior to departure, you will conduct relevant country, industry and firm-specific research on an assigned international country. Once in-country, you will meet with industry experts and company leaders. As a team, you will meet with your project company, tour facilities, and negotiate the deliverables for your specific client project. Upon return to the United States, you will have approximately four weeks to complete the deliverables and deliver your report to your client. 

When and where will we travel?

The international trips are scheduled for every October to coincide with your coursework. Each year, the program explores new and different locations in order to provide topical relevance and experiential learning opportunities that compare and contrast the global challenges and opportunities facing multinational firms. Trip locations are announced each spring, five months in advance of the trip.

How much does the international trip cost?

The cost of the trip, including transportation, lodging, and some meals are included in the program tuition.

Is the trip a required experience?

Yes. The international trip ties together key class concepts and provides a unique international experience. 

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Student Testimonials

  • “I generally find that assignments like this are the most beneficial because we get to deal with the real-world and interact with a living, breathing client; reading books and doing case studies only gets you so far.”

    Sara Wood

    Director of Membership and Marketing, National NPO
  • “Overall, the experience was magnificent. The exposure to business in Dubai both small and large was fascinating. I have toured other countries and even participated in a trade mission to Egypt for a printing convention. I had been in free zones then, but I had no comprehension of what exactly that meant for me, as a buyer or the company located in them. This is a testament to both the trip itself, and the program as a whole.”

    Jason Benagh

    Consultant, Marketing & Advertising