Capstone Consulting Projects

For Executive MBA students, the Capstone Consulting project is an opportunity to develop business solutions that utilize professional experience and knowledge acquired throughout their business education in a complex, real-world environment. For organizations, it is a chance to have current and future business leaders focused on their success.

Projects are selected by cohorts January, May and August each year.

Class Selection Month Presentation Months
Online Cohort January April-May
On-Campus Cohort May October-November
Online Cohort August November-December

Students Share Capstone Experiences

Company Capstone Testimonials

Thank you so much for your hard work, brilliant analysis, and stellar recommendations. Having worked with some of the major consulting firms in my past, you should be very proud of the work you did and rigor with which you went about it. I look forward to the day we are shipping high-end Certified Angus Beef nationally and you can tell your friends and family: ‘I had a part in that’.

Brian Handley
EVP, Palmer Food Services

Our work with the Executive MBA Capstone project was exceptional from day one. From the first meeting, our team was engaged, focused and asking all of the right questions to help our project succeed. The final project and presentation was astounding. We could have (and have) spent tens of thousands of dollars for consulting work that doesn't match the quality of our work that the student provided to us. We are deeply grateful for the work that this team has provided us and for the future of our organization.

Lea Kone
Executive Director, Camp Whitman on Seneca Lake

The team’s final report and assessment contained value-added insight about the target market, but it was their experience, professionalism and communication skills that allowed us to understand the subtle business implications of their findings. Ultimately, the team’s recommendation was accepted into our strategic business decision process.”

L3 Harris

Submit Project Application

Submit your capstone consulting project application, which includes a description of the nature and purpose of the project as well as the outcomes desired at the end of the project.