Andrew Universal

Andrew Universal

"Knowing that you are achieving something difficult leaves you feeling proud and accomplished.  I know that completing this program has put me in consideration for numerous career advancement opportunities, but the ball is now in my court."

Andrew Universal
Plant Superintendent, Johns Manville
Greenville, SC
Online Executive MBA, Class of 2015

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Why did you decide on the Executive MBA program?

RIT has the reputation for rigorous programs and high-quality professors and staff that I was looking for.  An Executive MBA degree from RIT has more merit than many other universities.  

What is your best piece of advice?

Commit to balance. With the coursework now added to the responsibility of work and home life, professionals entering the program must be committed to balancing each area.  The key is recognizing when to shift the appropriate amount of attention to another area.  

How has your career been impacted by the Executive MBA?

Aside from the improvements in job performance and leadership, I feel more in control of my career.  I now have the demonstrated aptitude in my MBA degree that opens up countless opportunities and potential career paths.

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