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Capstone Consulting Project

The Capstone Consulting Project is the distinguishing hallmark of the Saunders EMBA experience.

Working in teams, students address specific business problems or assess potential opportunities for client companies. Projects are selected to meet specific learning objectives and provide a rigorous learning experience for students and value added outcomes for client companies. Projects are sourced from a broad range of company types—from Multinationals to smaller not-for-profits—and are completed over 4-5 months.

Student Testimonials

  • “During the completion of our Capstone projects and the international trip to China, everyone in my class discovered that in fifteen short months, we could consult with major companies to tackle real business concerns, as well as have a common ground on which to hold discussions in a global setting.”

    Rick Tym

    Global Product Manager

Company Testimonials

  • "Our project was based on evaluating the viablility of an expansion to other cities. It is a major, major decision. The Capstone project was very data-rich and objective. It will play a major role in my decision."




    Rochester Arc + Flame Center

  • "Our capstone team provided us with a wide range of avenues for growth.  The substantiality of the analysis of each avenue was extremely valuable to our future plans.  We are in the process of acting on some of their suggestions now."





  • "The team comprised a perfect set of skills and experience to complete this project. Healthcare, marketing, data analysis, and product development - we couldn't have asked for a better team! They very quickly got up to speed in a field that was new to most of them, and they delivered precisely what was needed for each step of the work plan. They were prepared for every conference call, worked independently, but checked in appropriately. The thoroughness of the research, the bench-marking, and the recommendations will be invaluable as St. John's embarks on this initiative beginning in 2020. It was an absolute pleasure working with this team."



    St. John's Senior Communities

  • “The team’s final report and assessment contained value-added insight about the target market, but it was their experience, professionalism and communication skills that allowed us to understand the subtle business implications of their findings. Ultimately, the RIT team’s recommendation was accepted into our strategic business decision process.”

    L-3 Photonics

  • “The time, effort, and quality of the research has helped in our strategic planning as we grow our business. The commitment of these EMBA students and the professionalism that they have brought to the project is unmatched! It has truly been a wonderful experience.”

    Vance Metal