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Customized Programs

Saunders College of Business has a successful history of customizing corporate solutions to meet the unique needs of companies in a large range of industries. From ideation through course delivery, we work quickly and closely with clients to design and implement programs that address specific educational and training problems.

Select Use Cases

Paychex (Multinational Payroll and Benefits Administrator)

A series of six credited courses taught at the company to a select group of high-potential employees. The goal of the program is to bring a broad array of business skills to potential leaders.  We are now in our second iteration of this program and the second cohort was 50% larger than the first.  Additionally, half of the first cohort continued on to achieve their MBA.

Rochester Regional Health (Regional Health Network)

A series of seven credited courses taught at RIT for a complement of nursing leaders among 6 different locations of a health system. The genesis of this customized program was the need of a major regional healthcare network to develop an internal nursing labor market that would produce Chief Nursing Officers and other nurse administrators able to operate at the senior executive level. The program is highly selective with only 19 of 73 applicants having been selected for the inaugural class. More than half of the participants intend to continue on to get their MBA from RIT.

Rochester (Regional) Technology & Manufacturing Association (RTMA) – Selected Programs

  • RIT Business Certificate Program – A non-credit bearing general management primer designed specifically for the membership of the RTMA. There were sessions on: Porter’s Five Forces (analyzing profit pool), Negotiation, New Product Commercialization, The Innovator’s Dilemma (Christensen and disruption), Data Analytics & Modeling, Supply Chain Management, Marketing Manufacturing in the 21st Century, and Strategic Thinking.
  • Innovation – A non-credit bearing offering focused on the process of innovation and culminating in an innovation project identified and mapped towards achievement. Cross-functional teams from many companies worked together on specific innovation projects. A number of these projects were then selected by teams of Executive MBA students as a five-month-long consulting projects.

Carestream (Multinational Healthcare Solution Provider)

An annual program of non-credit bearing courses customized to meet the specific requirements of a group of worldwide purchasing managers from 10 different countries. Customized offerings included: Negotiation; Disruptive Technology; Outsourcing: Good for the Economy or Evil; Salesmanship; and Finance for Non-Financial Managers


Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis
Associate Director, Customized Programs

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Select Corporate Partners

  • Paychex
  • Chase
  • Sprint
  • Harris
  • Constellation Brands
  • MOOG
  • P&G
  • ITT Industries
  • Carestream
  • Rochester Regional Health
  • World Bank Group
  • Getinge