Daniel M Ewing

Daniel M Ewing

"I have always felt that I evolved greatly from who I was before the program to who I am after the program."

Daniel M Ewing
President & Owner, Art Part Signs
Churchville, NY
Executive MBA, Class of 2012

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Why did you choose the Executive MBA program?

I attended RIT for my Bachelors degree and I was very impressed with the experience, the education and more importantly the impact that having RIT on my resume provided.  RIT’s EMBA program also offered a very flexible schedule option that allowed me to balance a career, my family, and put the necessary hours into the program.

How has your education helped your career?

So many ways! Shortly after graduation I accepted management responsibilities for my company’s marketing department despite having zero experience in the field other than the marketing knowledge I gained during my EMBA. This knowledge allowed me to step right into developing and executing a successful Marketing Plan. In every position I’ve held since graduation, my experience and education in marketing has been an enormous asset. Then, in preparation for purchasing my first company, the analysis and planning required every ounce of the knowledge I gained in the program.

What has been the biggest takeaway from your experience?

My background is in Engineering, with years of experience running Operations and Customer Service at a Director level, and I came into the program aware that the biggest gap in my resume was going to be in Marketing. I expected that I would cruise through most courses and would really focus on growing my marketing skills. What I actually found was a comprehensive education covering aspects of Finance, Operations, and General Management that helped me learn and grow in a number of unexpected ways.  I will also say that the cohort aspect of the program was a real growth opportunity for me - working so closely with my EMBA colleagues was a real eye opener. Each brought their own skills and talents to the team and I think we all helped each other grow.

What is your best piece of advice?

The program is not easy, it’s very time and labor intensive. Make sure that your support network is behind you and that everyone at home has an understanding of your new time commitment. And, most importantly, make sure you set aside time for family, unplug one night per week, spend time with loved ones and recharge - even if only for a few hours.  The payback is tremendous.

If you had to do it all over again, would you?

Without question YES.  Getting a Masters degree was on my wish list for years, but when I finished I realized it was not just a To Do list item checked off.  I have always felt that I evolved greatly from who I was before the program to who I am after the program. 

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