Daniel D. Tessoni Business Activities Center (1225/1235)

One of the most active spaces in Saunders College, the “Daniel D. Tessoni Business Activities Center,” is an ample, multi-purpose meeting space in the heart of the College. This center supports project teams, student clubs, and case-based classes. The flexible space can be readily adapted to host advisory boards, college faculty/staff meetings, EMBA events, VIP receptions, Saunders National Council gatherings, and student and alums networking events. Newly renovated in 2024 the space includes new, easily reconfigurable furniture and upgraded audiovisual technology to support a wide array of possibilities.

This space was renovated through the generous support from alumni.

Three large monitors for projection from a laptop. Room can be split allowing for sperate projection in the two spaces.

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Previously named: Business Activities Center (BAC), Multi Purpose Room (MPR)


Lowenthal Hall, 1225/1235


7 a.m.-12 a.m.

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