Jeremy Everett

Jeremy Everett

"The most surprising thing about online learning was how engaging the environment was for healthy discussions about the course material."

Jeremy Everett
Hadoop Database-Software Engineer, Ford Motor Company
Royal Oak, MI
Online Executive MBA, Class of 2018

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What is the best piece of advice?

Be ready to invest the time and hard work it takes to succeed. The EMBA program’s required time to complete the assignments, attend classes, and finish the weekly reading assignments was nearly the equivalent of being a full time MBA student.

How has your education helped your career?

It has given me more visibility with upper management and I have been able to leverage what we have been learning to discuss how to better manage projects on my team. I would cite studies that would reinforce our guidelines for how many projects the developers should be working on actively to increase the efficiency of our development staff.

If you had to do it all over again, would you?

I would absolutely do it all over again, I have made lifelong friends through the program where I fully learned the value of team work. We had three teams in our cohort, and our team worked really well together without a lot of conflict, even though we had healthy discussions and debates about our team assignments. It showed us that we could get through anything together as a team.

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