Kenneth Hurd

Kenneth Hurd

Kenneth Hurd EMBA

Director of Engineering Services, ENSCO Avionics
Executive MBA, Online Class 24

Ken is currently employed as a Director of Engineering for ENSCO avionics. For ENSCO Ken manages a significant group of Avionic Engineers that develop high tech engine and flight control systems. In this position Ken works with mid to large scale avionic companies to design and deliver quality solutions. Prior to the work with ENSCO Avionics Ken developed robotic vehicle systems for factory automation. The projects at a production level are intensely interesting and fast paced with each new automation project providing closed loop factory operation.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Binghamton University and and EMBA degree from RIT. He is a strong proponent for educational advancement at lower levels such as Odyssey of the Mind Coach, and holding established community roles such as President of the Dollar for Scholars program. Technical excellence at the corporate level while mentoring and guiding youth for future successes has become an inspirational goal for Ken.

Ken is often heard saying have fun and be successful. He truly understands that each of us should enjoy the time spent on their task and with others, yet still strive for continuous improvement. The time spent away from family is extremely valued and should be reflected on fondly.

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