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Online Executive MBA

RIT Online Executive MBA program

The Online Executive MBA program is designed for mid-to-upper level professionals wishing to hone their business and leadership skills in order to enhance their performance, assume greater responsibilities, and effectively position themselves for future opportunities. 

From our own surveys as well as industry research, we know that executive MBA students want more than a simple transfer of business and management theory and concepts; they want a high level of engagement with faculty and especially with their peers. The opportunity to discuss, argue, compete and collaborate with other seasoned managers on strategic and topical issues and projects is an essential feature of a strong EMBA program and one that has direct and immediate applicability to their own professional development. The RIT EMBA is designed to deliver exactly these experiences.

EMBA Courses

Program Structure and Format

  • The Online EMBA program is an AACSB accredited 17-month 4-semester program with two starts each year.  Students who start in late August will finish in December of the following year; students who start in January will finish in May of the following year.
  • The Online EMBA program is a cohort-based program, which means that all students enter the program at the same time, take the same classes, and move through the program with their initial cohort.  Some courses will be taken with another cohort (i.e., dual-cohort).  Students are assigned to teams at the start of the program and will remain with their team for the duration of the program. 
  • All students must attend a 3-day on-campus orientation session prior to the start of classes.
  • Students take two courses every six weeks. The curriculum is identical to the on-campus program with many of the same faculty teaching in both formats. Classes are delivered via weekly synchronous sessions offering high-quality video and audio functionality for optimal interaction.  All sessions are recorded for later viewing in the event that students are traveling or otherwise unable to attend.  In addition to the primary instructor, most online courses also provide a secondary instructor, who hosts a second online session should students wish an additional touch point each week.  Beyond these structured sessions, faculty are available in all the usual ways: email, phone, etc.
  • The 24 courses are evenly distributed across the four semesters, with some modification over the shorter summer semester. 


  • All course materials, including textbooks, cases, articles, and simulations are provided digitally along with an electronic tablet and any applications required to access the materials.
  • International Seminar: All students are required to attend the international seminar, which is a 8-to-10 day business and cultural educational trip near the end of the program. All arrangements are made by RIT, and airfare and lodging are provided by the program


Annie Capella
Sr Admissions Officer

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