Patricia Alsina

Patricia Alsina

"The program helped me become more confident in myself. It has allowed me to speak on a firm ground."

Patricia Alsina
Production Engineer, US Conec
Mooresville, NC
Executive MBA, Class of 2016

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Why did you decide on the Executive MBA program?

After thoroughly researching schools, I felt that RIT's Executive MBA program had an extensive curriculum, offered a strong alumni network and had an established reputation for excellence. From a global perspective, perhaps the most significant differentiator is that I felt that RIT’s program would allow me to experience different cultures, engage in rigorous academics, learn from a diverse student body, and meet business leaders from a variety of companies. 

What is the best lesson learned from the program?

There were many good lessons learned through the program but one lesson I consider to be very important and essential to becoming a leader is that we can't do things alone.  Although delegating tasks or working with others could seem difficult, the fact is that we do not know it all and depend on our relationship with team members.  

What has been the impact on your professional and personal life?

An advantage of this program is that you learn about every facet of the business and by doing this, one learns and understands the need and importance of teams. We learn about ourselves (EI), how to listen and reflect, and how to search for and work with others that complement our strengths. By working with others and building that relationship with them, we will be able to achieve our goal and be successful. 

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