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Personalized Experience

RIT’s EMBA program was designed to meet the professional and academic needs of students from a wide range of industries and professional backgrounds.  Our program includes several elements that allow us to be as responsive as possible to individual student needs: small class sizes; superior faculty; and a curriculum designed to promote peer-to-peer and peer-to-faculty engagement.

  • Small Class Size:  The most effective learning is an active process that involves intellectual tension and a real exchange of ideas.  This is best accommodated with small class sizes where students can develop relationships over time and engage with one another over multiple topics.
  • Faculty Selection:  Having delivered Executive MBA programs for a quarter of a century, we know that not all instructors are equally well-suited to teach at the EMBA level.   Research studies clearly differentiate EMBA class profiles from undergraduate and even MBA class profiles.   For this reason, we focus on personal teaching philosophy, professional experience, and an instructor's desire to work with more seasoned professionals when choosing faculty for the program.
  • Curriculum Designed for Engagement:  The real learning of any program happens when individuals have ample opportunity to propose and defend their ideas and positions.  We’ve designed classes and assignments to promote regular and positive interaction with other students and faculty.  This personal engagement is a highly valued characteristic of EMBA programs and is one of the more rewarding experiences cited by graduating EMBA students.
  • Dedicated Staff: A distinctive element of the RIT EMBA program is the interaction between staff and students. The student learning experience is enhanced by the support of a dedicated staff who assist with the day-to-day administrative details of being a student, enabling students to focus on their coursework.