Peter Giovenco

Peter Giovenco

Peter Giovenco EMBA

President and CEO, Bergmann
Executive MBA, On Campus Class 19

Pete Giovenco started with Bergmann in 1989 as a civil engineer and project manager. Today, he is the third person in the firm’s history to hold the title of President/CEO. During his tenure, Pete has held several project management and strategic leadership positions. He is currently licensed to perform engineering in several states. As President and CEO, he leads the firm’s strategic direction, as well as ensuring that the organization’s Mission, Vision and Values are reflected in every solution that the Bergmann team develops.

Pete is described by employees as an authentic and highly participative leader, making strong connections through his “Eat with Pete” lunches, monthly Town Hall meetings and quarterly all-employee messages. Through collaboration and teamwork, he seeks ways that the firm can improve its operations and culture to maintain a position as a market leader in architecture, engineering and planning across the Northeast, Midwest and Atlantic regions of the United States.

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