Capital Budget

Approved Capital Project Listing


Capital Budget Process


Capital Project Requests >$20,000 must be submitted by each College or Division to the Budget Office as part of the annual Budget Hearings Process*.  All requests are prioritized by the Budget Committee, made up of the President, Provost and Sr. VP of Finance & Administration, in relation to the university's strategic goals. Only those projects that have been approved by the budget committee are submitted to the RIT Board of Trustees for final approval.

Capital projects consist of any major capital equipment purchases, building construction or renovation projects for $20,000 or more, typically assets with a useful life of more than 1 year.

Capital/Equipment Project Request Form - *This form is used in conjunction with the annual Capital Budget Process. Please note: all projects that require FMS design and construction services must be reviewed and estimated by FMS prior to budget hearing submission.

Project Funding Request Form - This form is used to request funding for capital projects