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RIT Alert

RIT Alert is used to immediately notify the campus community upon the confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, faculty and staff occurring on or near campus. RIT Public Safety is authorized to send emergency notifications, ensuring that no time is wasted from the determination that a significant emergency exists to sending the notification.

RIT Alert is two systems - Everbridge and Alertus - that are linked in order to provide a number of methods to send emergency notifications.  When a notification is initatied from one, the other will activate automatically. The same message hits all of the contact paths.




is the system used to send voice and text messages.  Mobile phone and home phone information comes from either the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) (Oracle eBiz) for staff and faculty (including adjunct faculty) or the Student Information System (SIS) (PeopleSoft) for students. Although home phone numbers are loaded into Everbridge to be available for notification, text messages and voice calls to mobile phones are primary because delivery to mobile devices is much faster than to home phones.


  • All employees (faculty, adjunct faculty, staff) have their contact information sent to Everbridge from for use in notification,  unless the employee has opted out in the HRIS
  • Only students who are registered in the current academic term who are taking classes at the Henrietta campus have their contact information sent to Everbridge for emergency notification purposes, unless the student has opted out (, RIT Alert Preferences). This ensures that the message is sent to those students who need to get it due to an immediate life-threatening emergency on campus.  Other forms of communication can be used (see to inform students not attending classes on campus regarding other types of incidents.

Sender Identification

  • Text message: 89361 - short code (ensure your cell phone is not blocking short code messages. refer to your cell provider's information)
  • Phone call: (585) 475-3200
  • E-mail:

Adding / Updating Contact Information for Everbridge


is a facility-based system that, when initiated, activates alert beacons, outdoor sirens, desktop alerts to more than 4,000 ITS- / NTID-managed computers and posts messages to and


Contact information collected by the Business Continuity Office is for use in the EMNS only. The Business Continuity Office will not use this Information for any other purpose than emergency notification. See RIT Policy D15.0, Educational Records.

Participant Conduct

This service is designed to alert individual participants when an emergency occurs requiring RIT community attention or action. It is critical that participants:

  • DO input their information completely and accurately
  • DO update their information when it changes
  • DO NOT input false contact information
  • DO NOT input others' contact information

Costs of Service

RIT Alert is provided free of charge to active RIT staff, faculty and students. There is no cost associated with participation in the service. However, participants are responsible for charges made by service providers related to text messages and mobile phone calls - actual and test messages.


RIT Alert will be tested annually (at minimum) in conjunction with with other communication methods. Additional testing may be conducted as part of drills and exercises, or as necessary.

Violations or More Information

To report any violations of these terms of use or request information about the emergency notification system, contact the Director of Emergency Preparedness, 585-475-6620.