About Institutional Research


Institutional Research is the first choice partner for decision support, analytics, and institutional intelligence by:

  • Providing leadership and expertise in data analysis, interpretation, and presentation
  • Cultivating a culture that systematically uses information as a strategic asset
  • Delivering accurate, accessible, and meaningful data and information



Institutional Research promotes institutional effectiveness by:

  • Conducting advanced analytics that provide deep knowledge about relevant university issues
  • Creating meaningful data visualizations and dashboards
  • Leading data governance activities to promote efficient data access and use
  • Producing reports that fulfill mandatory requirements and provide descriptive information  about the university
  • Building a data-centric campus culture through education, outreach, resources and support  


IR Framework

  • Institutional Intelligence - tools, systems, and best practices that enable access to, analysis, and use of information for decision making (Gartner IT Glossary, http://www.gartner.com/it-glossary/business-intelligence-bi)
  • Analytics - the systematic analysis of data, ranging from descriptive (what is) to predictive and prescriptive (what will happen, what is the best course of action).
  • Reporting - aggregated descriptive information about the university, including state and federal mandated reports
  • Data Governance - processes and procedures by which an organization manages its enterprise data
  • Outreach - information, training, and support for data users to foster the use of information for  decision making