General Education Committee (GEC)


The ICC shall call upon the Senate to initiate college elections to fill positions on subcommittees it may form to oversee general education and university writing. The college representation on the General Education or University Writing subcommittees shall reflect the college representation on the ICC.

The membership of the subcommittee for General Education (GEC) shall include representation from the same units as ICC [one faculty member per college which offers an undergraduate program, each to be elected by their collegial faculty; one representative elected at large by the Faculty Senate and who is a member of a college offering an undergraduate program; one representative from the academic deans or designee; one representative from Student Government; and the provost or their delegate (ex-officio, voting)] and will also include the director of the Office of Educational Effectiveness Assessment, Academic Affairs or designee (ex-officio, non-voting).

The chairs of GEC and UWC, or their designee, shall serve as an ex-officio non-voting member of the ICC. The chair of ICC, or designee, shall serve as an ex-officio non-voting member on each of the ICC subcommittees.

Charges for AY2022


  1. Per D1.0, review general education (GE) courses learning outcomes and assessment.

  2. Audit/review of GE student learning outcomes and courses.

  3. Request that GEC review the results from the General Education Course Audit and make recommendations if appropriate.


Heidi Nickisher

College of Art and Design

2023-2026 (1st Term)

Leah Bradley

Academic Affairs

Director of Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment's delegate

Open Term

William Brewer

College of Health Sciences and Technology

2022-2025 (1st Term*)

Kelly Davis

National Technical Institute for the Deaf

2022-2025 (1st Term)

Elizabeth DeBartolo

Kate Gleason College of Engineering

2020-2023 (2nd Term)

Richard Doolittle

College of Health Sciences and Technology

ICC Chair's Designee, ex officio, non-voting

Josh Goldowitz

College of Engineering Technology

2020-2023 (1st Term)

Elizabeth Hane

College of Science

Provost's delegate

Open Term

Pamela Kincheloe

Academic Affairs

2023-2024* (1st term)

Zhijian Huang

Saunders College of Business

2021-2024 (1st Term)

Tony Jefferson

Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

2021 - 2024 (1st Term)

William Middleton

College of Liberal Arts

2021-2024 (1st Term)

Gretchen Wainwright

College of Engineering Technology

At-large representative

2022-2025 (1st term)

Tamas Wiandt

College of Science

2022-2025 (2nd Term)

SG Rep TBD Headshot