Global Education Committee


Mandate from Policy B2.0

The Global Education Committee will serve as the university level liaison between the Rochester campus and global RIT locations and will advise Senate on governance issues as they affect RIT global locations.  The committee will also work with relevant administrative entities to facilitate and encourage international activities by RIT faculty and students, including research and study abroad.  The committee shall consist of one faculty member per college, each to be elected by their collegial faculty; one faculty member from each global campus, elected by their local faculty; the associate provost of International Education and Global Programs (non-voting).  Elected members will serve three-year terms, with at most two consecutive terms.

Charges for AY2022

1. Investigate and report to the Faculty Senate how the scholarship and research needs of the faculty on the global campuses (e.g., access to databases, possibility of course release time to support research) are currently being met.  Include recommendations for action as appropriate. (Carry-Over charge from AY 2021)

2. Define the appropriate scope, with rationales, to collect and report RIT faculty engagement in international professional activities.

3. Investigate and develop a recommendation for a sustainable process to track and report RIT faculty engagement in international professional activities.

4. Follow up with RIT and Global Campuses to clarify and document “change” in the curriculum and develop a guide for both course content and program curriculum.


Makini Beck

Academic Affairs

2021-2024 (1st term)

Nathan Cahill

College of Science

2023-2026 (1st Term)

Julius J. Chiavaroli

Golisano Institute for Sustainability

Chair, AY 2021-22

2022-2025 (2nd Term)

Christopher Kurz

National Technical Institute for the Deaf

2021-2024 (1st Term)

Rick Lagiewski

Saunders College of Business

2020-2023 (1st Term)

Yunn-Shan Ma

College of Liberal Arts

2022-2025 (1st Term)

James Myers

Academic Affairs

Assoc. Provost of Intl. Education and Global Programs

Open Term

John Oliphant

College of Health Sciences and Technology

2021-2024 (1st term)

Marissa Tirone

College of Art and Design

2023-2026 (1st Term)

Scott Wolcott

College of Engineering Technology

2022-2025 (2nd Term)

Shanchieh Yang

Kate Gleason College of Engineering

2021-2024 (1st Term)

Bo Yuan

Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

2023-2026 (1st Term)

International Campus Representatives

Julie Cecchini
RIT China
2022-2025 (1st Term)

Chair AY 2022-2023

Ex Officio

Linda Ziberi
RIT Kosovo
2022-2025 (1st term)

Milivoj Markovic
RIT Croatia
2021-2024 (1st Term)

Vanda Bazdan
RIT Croatia
2022-2024 (1st Term)

Mohamed Ssmaha & Bouthelna Tlili
RIT Dubai &
2022-2023 (1st Term)*

Robert Foley
RIT China
2021-2024 (1st Term)

Ex Officio