News Release Approval Process

University Communications regularly provides opportunities for involved parties to review materials that will be made public via a news release or University Communications-directed publication.

While there are no absolute rules, here are some guidelines University Communications uses in the approval process:

  • Who is included in the review process is at the discretion of the Chief Communications Officer, Director of Content Strategy, and the editor and author of the material to be made public. Materials typically are sent to those directly involved either as the subject, subject matter expert, or quoted source within the material. Sharing with others is at the discretion of University Communications staff.
  • Materials under review should be returned with comments within three business days, unless other arrangements are made within that time frame with the appropriate University Communications staff member.
  • Review should be confined as much as possible to correcting/checking facts, approving quotes, and clarifying meaning. Any and all changes will be at the discretion of editors and writers of University Communications, based on their extensive experience in communications across a broad variety of platforms.
  • University Communications employs journalistic style appropriate for a broad audience, and changes that do not fit that style will not be considered.