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Nasal Resonance distortion results from a disturbance in resonance which is not related to laryngeal function. In hypernasality or severe nasality there is faulty control in palato-pharyngeal valving which results in excessive nasalization of vowels and non-nasal consonants. In severe denasality, again there is faulty control in palato-pharyngeal valving which results in an absence of nasal resonance on nasal consonants. In moderate nasality or moderate denasality the disturbance in nasal resonance is the lesser degree. Similarly, in slight nasality or slight denasality the disturbance in nasal resonance varies slightly from normal. In rating nasal resonance, judgments of nasality and denasality are combined to indicate a lack of resonance control.

In voices with nasal resonance distortion, identify the distortions as nasal resonance and rate degree without differentiating denasality from nasality or hypernasality.

Rating Comments Sample
Level 1Resonance varies and cannot be judged. no sample
Level 2Severe denasality or hypernasality. The sample demonstrates severe denasality which tends to fluctuate in degree. In addition to the confusion between voiced plosives and nasals the speaker tended to make many voicing errors. Equally evident is marked pharyngeal resonance rated two. Again distortions with both nasal and pharyngeal resonance are apparent within the same speech sample. (Female)
Level 3Moderate denasality or hypernasality. This voice quality is characterized as moderately denasal, rated three. The rate of syllable articulation is somewhat slow creating a moderate problem in blending words into functional units. Moderate pharyngeal resonance, rated three, is also apparent in this sample, which clearly demonstrates the frequent coexistence of distorted nasal and pharyngeal resonance within the same speaker. (Female)
Level 4Mild denasality or hypernasality. This sample demonstrates mild denasality as well as mild deviation in respiration. Initial vowels tend to be over-aspirated with subsequent loss of breath support for final sounds in words and breath groups. (Female)
Level 5Normal resonance. no sample