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Ratings are also used to indicate how well a student can control vocal pitch during oral reading.

Rating Comments Sample
Level 1Cannot sustain phonation. This speech sample demonstrates the inability to control pitch. Fluctuations or breaks appear to cover almost the full range of audible tone generation. (Male)
Level 2Noticeable breaks or fluctuations of large magnitude. Pitch register for this female is characterized by abrupt pitch breaks ranging from a register slightly below optimum to a register above optimum. The noticable breaks in control are of large magnitude. They are associated with gross deviation in respiration, and almost a complete absence of indentifiable phonemes. (Female)
Level 3Noticeable breaks or fluctuations of small magnitude. This speaker demonstrates reasonably good or appropriate pitch register. However, he does have noticeable breaks or fluctuations in pitch of small magnitude. (Male)
Level 4Flat within limited speaking range. Pitch in this sample is controlled within a very limited range. The speaker does use terminal fade appropriately; however, the overall characteristic of the sample is flatness. This feature seems accentuated by a very monotonous rate of syllable and word articulation. (Female)
Level 5Normal-satisfactory modulation of pitch. This sample is rated as having satisfactory modulation of pitch. The speaker uses stress and variation in rate effectively. (Male)