C09.0 Parking and Traffic Citation Appeals


This policy applies to all individuals who operate vehicles on RIT’s campus.

I. Policy Statement

This policy provides an objective and neutral body to which an individual may further appeal a parking or traffic citation that has not been resolved with the Parking Appeals Administrator or Public Safety to an individual’s satisfaction.

The Parking and Traffic Citation Appeals Board (hereafter referred to as the Appeals Board) serves as the neutral body for the purpose of making decisions on second-level appeals to parking or traffic citations.  The Appeals Board will consist of students (3), faculty (2), and staff (2), appointed by Student Government, Faculty Senate and Staff Council respectively.  Decisions of the Appeals Board are final.

II. Definitions

Appeal – A formal written or verbal presentation to reduce or waive fines or penalties related to a parking or traffic citation.

Citation – A document issued to an individual who has been identified as having parked or operated a vehicle on campus in violation of university parking policies or having violated a traffic regulation.

Decision – The determination of the Appeals Board, which may include outcomes such as rescinding a fine, reducing a fine, upholding a fine, or rescinding parking privileges.

III. Procedures

Information and procedures for first-level appeals to parking citations can be found at Parking Citation Appeals. Additional information on filing a second level appeal to the Appeals Board can be found at Parking and Traffic Appeals Board.

General information on the university’s parking policies, procedures, and regulations can be found at Parking at RIT.  The traffic laws and regulations of New York State apply to RIT campus roads. Additional information can be found at Campus Traffic Regulations.

Responsible Offices
The office of the Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management Services is the primary responsible office for this policy.  Parking procedures are maintained by the director of Parking and Transportation Services. Traffic procedures are maintained by the director of Public Safety.

Policy History
Original Policy Approved January 1989
Edited August 2010
Edited May 8, 2013, for calendar conversion
Revised April 8, 2015
Reviewed and reaffirmed February 16, 2023