C16.0 Tobacco-Restricted University Policy

I. Scope

This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, administrators, vendors, and visitors while on RIT-managed properties located in the United States (hereafter referred to as university-managed properties).

II. Policy Statement

The university is committed to facilitating a healthy working, learning, and living environment.  To prevent harm to members of the RIT community and to be consistent with university wellness initiatives, smoking and use of tobacco products are restricted to designated tobacco areas on all university-managed properties. The restrictions include, but are not limited to:

  • Buildings

  • Parking lots, athletic fields/tracks, bleachers/grandstands, outdoor paths, fields, and roads

  • Partially-enclosed areas such as covered and uncovered walkways, breezeways, outdoor dining areas, bus stop shelters, loading docks, building entrances, exterior stairways, and landing

  • Vehicles owned and leased by RIT or its affiliated organizations.

III. Definitions

Tobacco Products.  Tobacco products are defined as combustible items (including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, and pipes) and non-combustible items (including but not limited to chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes).

University-Managed Properties.  University-managed properties are defined as properties owned, operated, leased, occupied, or controlled by RIT that are located in the United States.

IV. Exceptions

RIT has several apartment complexes with 1,000+ apartment and townhouses. Tobacco use in these complexes is prohibited within 25 feet of any apartment or townhouse building.

Smoking or use of tobacco products is permitted by participants in a research project involving tobacco products. Any sponsored or unsponsored research involving smoking is subject to the approval of the IRB (Institutional Review Board) or the IACUC (Institute Animal Care and Use Committee) as appropriate. 

Responsible Offices:
Student Wellness, Division of Student Affairs
Department of Human Resources - Employee Wellness, Division of Finance & Administration

Effective Date:

Policy History:
Issued Personnel Policy 6.14 issued June 1, 1984
Revised October 2003
Edited August 2010
Revision approved  May 7, 2014 by University Council (replaces policy formerly titled Smoking)

Edited October 16, 2023 - Section IV