C17.0 Possession of Weapons, Firearms and Dangerous Instruments on the RIT Campus


Applies to all employees


It is a violation of RIT policy to possess any weapon, firearm, or other dangerous instrument, as defined in the New York State Penal Law, Article 265.00, on the premises owned or controlled by RIT.

Exception: Under limited, legally prescribed circumstances, the director of Public Safety may issue written, express consent for an individual to possess a firearm on the RIT campus.


Any supervisor or employee observing another individual in violation of this policy should immediately report the incident to Public Safety.

  • Public Safety will assume responsibility for a thorough investigation of the incident.

  • A report of the incident will be forwarded to the director of Human Resources by the director of Public Safety.

  • The director of Human Resources will seek legal counsel and will render a decision regarding the status of the employee.

Responsible Office:
Department of Human Resources/Department of Public Safety

Effective Date:
Personnel Policy 6.07 issued June 1, 1984 

Policy History:
Last revised July 1, 1988 
Edited July 2008 (department name change) 
Edited August, 2010
Reviewed and affirmed February 21, 2023