D13.0 Diplomas and Degrees Certification

Academic deans will inform the Registrar's Office at the end of each term of those students who are expected to complete all degree requirements and graduate. Included in the information will be the list for the commencement book in accordance with the procedures of the Commencement Committee.

The Registrar's Office will be responsible for ordering diplomas and degrees.

The date to be used as the date of requirement completion is the Saturday following the last day upon which there is academic activity in that term. In the instance wherein a student departs from the university prior to completion of degree requirements and subsequently satisfies these requirements by submission of thesis/dissertation and transfer credit, the date of requirements completion shall be the last day of the term during which either thesis/dissertation, 'co-op' report, removal of incomplete grades, or transfer credit is accepted.

Students who are expected to graduate at the end of the fall, spring or summer term will be included in the spring commencement program of that academic year except by permission of the dean of their home college or academic unit.

The Registrar's Office will release diplomas to the students upon receipt of the degree and diploma certification lists from the academic deans after all financial obligations are met. The Registrar's Office will also enter completion of the degree requirements and the degree awarded as part of the student's academic record.

Responsible Office:
Office of the Provost/Registrar's Office. Inquiries can be directed to: academicaffairs@rit.edu.

Effective Date:
Approved February 24, 1960

Policy History: 
Revised September 1993 
Edited September 2010 
Revised March 28, 2013