E12.6 Length of Service Awards

I. Policy

The university presents length-of-service awards to individuals employed for five years and every five-year increment thereafter. All employees whose anniversaries fall within the calendar year will be honored. These special service awards demonstrate to employees, their fellow workers, and the public that long and dedicated service is appreciated.

II. Eligibility

All regular non-faculty employees are eligible for service awards after five years of continuous employment with the university. Eligibility for faculty members begins after ten years of service.

III. Termination

Employees who terminate employment prior to the service award anniversary date are not eligible for the award.

IV. Inactive Status

Employees eligible for a service award while on a vacation or other inactive status (e.g., leave of absence, military duty, disability) receive the award upon returning to campus and resuming active status.

V. Presentation

Length-of-service certificates are distributed to supervisors or college liaisons along with applicable awards. At the discretion of the supervisor, a modest celebration of the individual's service is appropriate.

Each fiscal year, the president hosts a reception for employees celebrating milestones of 25 or more years of service.

Responsible Party: Human Resources
Effective Date: Issued June 1, 1984

Policy History:
Last revised July 1, 1993
Edited for department title change September 2008
Edited September 2010
Edited October 2010
Edited April 2023 - sections I (Policy), II (Eligibility) and V (Presentation) updated. Section VI (Procedure removed).