E16.0 Tuition Assistance for Faculty and Professional Staff Attending Other Colleges

The university encourages faculty and staff to undertake credit courses or courses through RIT's Center for Professional Development (CPD) which will contribute to their professional development. The following policy and procedures outline the conditions under which the university may provide tuition assistance. These are subject to modification or cancellation at any time.

I. Eligibility

Full-time faculty and staff.

Extended part time (80% or more) faculty and staff.

The usual expectation is that the individual will continue employment at the university after completion of any approved course(s). Only enrollment in job-related credit courses at regionally accredited colleges and universities or RIT's CPD courses will be approved. Approval of tuition assistance for courses under this policy does not alone excuse the applicant from usual contractual responsibilities.

Since circumstances vary widely, the university reserves the right to determine on an individual basis if tuition assistance will be approved in combination with other faculty education and development and instructional activities, e.g., faculty leave of absence, faculty leave for professional/career development, and projects relating to productivity. Usually the recommendation of the dean/vice president will be decisive.

II. Payment

Up to a maximum of $750 tuition assistance (excluding fees and any other charges) may be approved per semester for job-related credit courses taken at another college or university.

Up to a maximum of $250 tuition assistance (excluding fees and any other charges) may be approved per semester for courses taken through RIT's Center for Professional Development, with a maximum of two CPD courses per fiscal year.

Employees cannot be reimbursed for college/university courses and CPD courses in the same semester.

For purposes of implementation of this policy the year is divided into trimesters, basically September through December, January through April, and May through August. Individuals attending classes on a quarter or other calendar basis can receive this benefit only once during each trimester.

III. Application Procedure

Applicant completes the form entitled, "Application for Tuition Assistance," and submits it to the department head/director for approval. If approved by department head/director, the form is forwarded to the college dean or division vice president for approval.

The purposes of the above approvals are to:

  1. Evaluate the proposed course(s) in terms of job relatedness and potential contribution to the applicant and the university, and possibly provide guidance regarding the applicant's professional/career development.

  2. Verify that the applicant meets the eligibility requirements stated above.

The approved form is submitted with a copy of the tuition receipt to the Human Resources Department for final approval. Reimbursements are made through the Payroll system as a non-payroll reimbursement.

Responsible Party: Human Resources

Effective Date:
Approved September 9, 1959

Policy History:
Last revised September 2000
Edited September 2010
Edited October 2010