E34.0 Military Leave

Applies to all regular employees


In accordance with the Universal Military Training and Service Act, all regular employees of the university who enter the United States Armed Forces are granted military leave which extends from the date of reporting for active duty until 90 days following discharge or release from active military duty, or within 31 days if the employee has been released from the Ready Reserve or National Guard and has served on active duty for six months or less.

Employees granted military leave are restored to their former position or a position of similar status, unless the university's employment situation has so changed to make it impossible or unreasonable to do so. For employees who have been inducted or volunteered for active duty, time spent on full-time active duty is counted towards length of service with the university, as prescribed by law.

Employees who attend National Guard or other Armed Forces active duty for reserve training receive an allowance of two weeks regular full pay while performing their required tour of active duty. The time for this training period is in addition to the employee's regular vacation period. Ordered active duty beyond the two weeks per calendar year is without pay.

Eligibility for Benefits

  • Employees leaving for active military service of extended duration receive accrued vacation earned but not used during the part of the calendar year prior to reporting. Upon re- employment, time spent in the service is included in determining the employee's overall length of service, and the vacation class in which he/she is to be placed. Vacation days are not earned, however, for those months spent away from RIT on active duty.

  • Group life insurance, health insurance, social security and annuity contributions by the university cease at the time the employee enters the service. He/she may, however, make arrangements to continue his/her portion of the annuity contributions while on active duty.

  • Time in the military service is counted towards the employee's length of service for retirement purposes if the duration of service is less than four years, unless an involuntary extension occurs.


In the Case of an Extended Tour of Active Duty


* Presents orders and gives proper notification both to the supervisor and the Department of Human Resources


* Forwards Employee Action Form indicating employee's military leave status.


* Satisfactorily completes period for military service as prescribed by law and certified on discharge documents.

* Makes application for re-employment within 30 days after release from active duty, or within 31 days if the employee has been released from the Ready Reserve or National Guard and has served on active duty six months or less.


To Qualify for the Reserve Training Allowance


* Supplies Department of Human Resources with a copy of the orders and a certificate of attendance at the annual unit training.

Responsible Party: Department of Human Resources

Effective Date:
Personnel Policy 2.10 Issued June 1, 1984

Policy History:
Last revised July 1, 1993
Revised for department title change September 2008
Edited October 2010