E36.0 College Faculty Meetings

I. Preamble

Section B.02, Article III of the RIT Charter gives responsibility for matters relating to curriculum, research, and faculty governance to the faculty.  Pursuant to those rights and responsibilities, and the fulfilment of the responsibility to advise and recommend on policies and decisions affecting university development and welfare as articulated in the Charter, the faculty of each college shall meet, confer and vote as appropriate.

II. Convening Faculty Meetings

  1. Each college shall have a governance committee of elected faculty members, which shall be minimally responsible for convening at least one meeting of the college faculty per semester. The size and constitution of the committee shall be determined by the college faculty.
  2. The governance committee shall prepare a schedule of meetings and agendas for each meeting. The agendas shall be determined in consultation with the Dean and other members of the faculty.
  3. The governance committee shall appoint a moderator to preside over each faculty meeting.
  4. At all faculty meetings, the Dean shall be invited to present a Dean's Report.
  5. Each college’s representatives on Faculty Senate shall make a brief report on their college’s faculty meetings at the end of the academic year.

Responsible Party: Faculty Senate

Effective Date: Approved November 3, 2022