P06.0 Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Through its administration, faculty, staff, students, academic programs and scholarship, RIT contributes to the development and propagation of policies and practices that protect the natural environment and foster sustainable use of our material, environmental, and energy resources. It is appropriate then for RIT to lead by example by conducting its operations when feasible in this spirit and in recognition of its responsibility to protect human health and the environment.

RIT is committed to proactive activities that prevent pollution, comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations, and improve its environmental performance.

RIT believes that proactive environmental management and fostering sustainability are fundamental components in educating our students and future leaders and is further committed to integrating environmental stewardship into its academic programs.

RIT values its relationships with the local, regional and global communities and is committed to developing opportunities that share and expand the environmental expertise of its faculty, staff and students.

Responsible Office:

Effective Date:
Approved March 16, 2005 

Policy History:
Edited August 2010