Academic Program and Curriculum Management

The Academic Program and Curriculum Management team provides guidance to faculty for a wide variety of curricular actions.

Resources - including checklists, forms and deadlines - are available online to assist with creating, modifying or discontinuing graduate and undergraduate degree programs, certificates, minors, immersions and courses.

New Degree Program Intent Document and Process

RIT’s process for evaluating new undergraduate and graduate degree program ideas ensures they are vetted across the university before a full proposal is developed.

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New RIT Degree and Certificate Proposal Preparation 

RIT’s Full Program Proposal Process is for new programs approved through the New Degree Program Intent Process and includes specific guidelines that all RIT programs are required to follow. Please Note: Certificates are not required to go through the New Degree Program Intent Process.

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Changes to Registered Programs Process

RIT’s Changes to Registered Programs Process outlines various types of changes and required information for registered programs and also highlights which changes require New York State Education Department (NYSED) approval.

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Approvals Needed: Various Curricular Actions

RIT’s Curricular Action Approval Process outlines the required approvals (internal and external) for new programs, changes to currently registered programs, or discontinuing programs.

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Course Development Guidelines & Proposal Form

RIT’s Course Development Guidelines include procedures and forms for new course development, changes to existing courses, or deactivating courses. 

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Distance Education Requirements

Guidance and required steps to add the distance education format to new or currently registered programs.

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Resource Documents

RIT and NYSED requirements and information are available to support programs, courses and the Bulletin Process.

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What’s New?

Explore updates to university-level or NYSED policies or processes. 

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