Betsy Dell

Betsy Dell Headshot

Home Department: Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology

Interests (Teaching/Research):  Polymer Science & Engineering, Bioplastic blends, Materials Characterization; Gender in STEM Education

Years @ RIT: 10 (2005)

Favorite place(s) on campus: Eating outside at Global Village in the warm weather

Mentorship areas: inclusive environments in the classroom, using technology in the classroom, getting started in funded research.

1. Proud Professional Moment: Receiving awards for my work related to gender diversity at RIT: the Edwina Award for Excellence in Gender Diversity and Inclusiveness in 2012 and the Isaac L. Jordan Sr. Faculty Pluralism Award (2015).

2. Trials and Foils: When I started in a tenure track position in 2006, I was told by my chair that completing one conference paper per year would be adequate for achieving tenure.  Expectations changed dramatically over the next several years and I had to transition from being primarily a teacher to a teacher-scholar.  I was fortunate to have a great group of colleagues who formed a peer mentoring team (UFAST) that helped me successfully maneuver to a new level of expectations.

3. Words of Wisdom: You are the master of your career.  Don’t expect anyone else to make things happen for you. Get started on your tenure package right away.  The sooner you start, the easier it will be ask colleagues to review their packages for your mid-tenure review, ask someone to look yours over and provide constructive feedback.

4. Future Aspirations: The percentage of women students in my department is around 10%.  I would like to see that grow-perhaps double before I finish my career.  To learn ASL!