Sonia Lopez Alarcon

Sonia Lopez Alarcon Headshot

Home Department: Computer Engineering

Started at RIT: 2009

Favorite place(s) on campus: Java’s and research lab

Mentorship areas: Teaching, creative teaching, diversity and inclusion

  1. Proud Professional Moment: CE Most Effective Teacher Award (2016)
  2. Trials and Foils: When I first started at RIT, I was so lost I didn’t even know what questions I had. Interacting and chatting more with colleagues would have been very helpful. Being part of the Faculty Success Program offered by NCFDD was extremely helpful. I'd recommend it to everyone starting in academia.
  3. Words of Wisdom:  Swim in your own lane. Don’t look at what others are doing, set your own goals, try your best.  
  4. Future Aspirations: To find my own nitch and my own light inside and outside RIT.