Entrepreneurship Minor


The entrepreneurship minor enables students in all RIT colleges to acquire necessary learning, experiences and skills to start and operate new ventures and organizations. Students gain unique insights into the necessary entrepreneurial aspects such as identifying viable business opportunities, developing effective business strategies, obtaining customer insights and interactions, developing financial and accounting competencies, advancing product and service development and realization, and understanding intellectual property.

Required Courses
MGMT-350 Entrepreneurship
Choose one of the following:
MGMT-470 Applied Entrepreneurship and Commercialization
MGMT-550 Field Experience in Business Consulting (or another approved field experience)
Choose three of the following:
ACCT-110 Financial Accounting
ACCT-210 Management Accounting
ACCT-500 Cost Management in Technical Organizations
FINC-359 Financing New Ventures
MGMT-215 Organizational Behavior
MGMT-360 Digital Entrepreneurship
MKTG-230 Principles of Marketing
MKTG-320 Internet Marketing

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