Oral Presentations

Business Professional Dress Recommended

Oral Presentations:

  • The final oral presentation schedule will be available on the website by Friday, July 26, 2024.
  • Scheduling will occur in 15-minute increments, grouped with presentations from the same research topic. This will allow for a 12-minute presentation and 3 minutes for questions; please time your slides with this in mind. A Room Moderator will inform you when your 15-minute presentation time has ended.
  • Presentation computers will be supplied by ITS and an ITS staff member will be available to load presentations – PowerPoint, PDF, Prezi, Flash. Each presentation room will be equipped with a Windows 10 PC that will have Office 2016 installed and available for your presentation. Please be sure that your presentation is compatible with this system setup prior to presentation load time. There will be an ITS Technician available on site to assist with computer connectivity issues, but will not be able to assist with your presentation content. Presentation load time is for loading your final presentation. A presentation remote with laser pointer will be available.
  • Presenters, you are required to bring your presentation on a USB drive to the Davis Room (SAU 1300) on the day of the Symposium - August 1, 2024. Presenters cannot use personal devices (laptop, tablet, etc.) to connect to the projector.
    • For presentations scheduled prior to 1:00 PM, please go to the Davis Room (SAU 1300) between 8:00 and 8:30 AM and load your final presentation.
    • For presentations scheduled after 1:00 PM, please go to the Davis Room (SAU 1300) between 12:30 and 1:00 PM and load your final presentation.
  • You must verify that your presentation works during this loading time to prevent delays during scheduled presentations. You are assigned a specific 15-minute presentation time, so any delay will reduce the time you can present. For PowerPoint presentations with videos, PLEASE make sure you save the video file with the PowerPoint file. This will ensure that PowerPoint can locate the video file. PLEASE check carefully that this works on the presentation laptop during presentation load times.

In summary - have your presentation ready before 8 AM on August 1; pick-up your name tag at the Registration table in the Davis Room (SAU 1300); load your presentation (during the AM or PM loading session, based on your presentation time); verify it runs properly during the loading session; and remain in the room for the entire session in which you are presenting. A moderator will be in your presentation room to assist you.