Avoid Questionable Mobile Apps

Avoid Questionable Mobile Apps

It is important to make sure a Mobile App is reliable before downloading it. Detecting malicious apps is not always easy, but there are a few steps you should take before downloading an app.

Android users have the highest risk of downloading malicious apps.  Researchers at Kaspersky found over 200,000 samples of mobile malware at the Google Play store and additional sources.  The malicious malware is often used as a multiplier, sending text messages containing malicious links to the contacts saved on the phone or stealing other personal information directly from the infected phone.

The popular app, Flappy Bird was removed by its owner and hackers used the hype surrounding the app to their advantage.  Cyber criminals have created similar looking apps in order to get Android users seeking Flappy Bird to download a malicious “look-a-like” app.

Steps you should take before downloading an app:

  1. Read the reviews.
  2. Only download from legitimate app stores.
  3. Research the app's publisher.
  4. Always check app permissions.
  5. Enable the "Verify apps" tab in the security settings.
  6. Do not activate "Developer mode" on the device.
  7. Secure the device with anti-virus software.