Types of Threats


Cyberattacks and cyber scams are designed to deceive and exploit individuals or organizations. They aim to steal sensitive information, such as personal identification, bank account details, or social security numbers. If you have any doubts about a suspicious email, report it to spam@rit.edu.

Recognize, Respond, Report

If your situation is not listed above, or your situation is not urgent, review the following for your next steps.

  • This is the first step in ensuring we remain safe online and protect ourselves.
  • Always be vigilant for suspicious activity or anything unexpected; this should always be a red flag.
  • Never engage with unknown or suspicious links, websites, callers, etc.
  • Always err on the side of caution!
  • If you have a general inquiry about scams or are in a non-urgent situation reach out to the Information Security Office at infosec@rit.edu
  • If you believe you are in an urgent situation, report it immediately to the RIT service Center by phone at 585-475-5000, or online at help.rit.edu to open an incident report.