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COVID-19 cyber-attacks: cybersecurity in the healthcare sector

All is quiet at Gizmo Corp... It's 20 minutes until doors-open on a sunny day everyone usually calls 'pay-day'. It is a day that may remain unmemorable, despite the fact that every single Gizmo employee here is about to get robbed. Why? Because one team of special agents, from their remote security operations center, is feverishly working to find the source of a massive insider breach, contain a rogue employee and identify the targeted laptop that could leak billions if not shut down. You are that team. Good luck.

RIT is excited to bring you a new and engaging information security awareness opportunity partnered with Living Security, a company that specializes in high production training programs. CyberEscape Online is an exciting adventure where you will have to work with your team to solve digital puzzles within a certain amount of time. Teamwork, problem solving, and good security habits will all be necessary to complete the objective in the time given. Check out the trailer for CyberEscape Online.

Sessions for this experience are offered every Monday from 2-3pm and Wednesday from 11-12pm. Each session holds up to 8 participants, allowing you to either book individually or reserve all 8 spots for your team.


Digital Self Defense

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Cybercriminals continue to devise new ways to attack us both at RIT and at home. In order to meet those threats, we need to understand how to defend against them. This experience is a part of RIT’s Digital Self Defense Training, designed for new RIT community members or as a refresher for others. Practicing Digital Self-Defense provides exercises for identifying phishing attacks, constructing strong passwords, and using mobile devices securely.


What should I know before signing up?

►This experience is hosted on Zoom by the RIT Information Security Office and will last 1 hour.

►There is no cost to the attendees.

►Chrome is the preferred browser.

►The audio and video on your computer must be enabled.


Join us for a discussion of tips, tools, and best practices that will help you enjoy the internet more safely, whether you’re using a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Spring 2021 Sign-Up

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When you click the sign-up link, you will directed to an external website where you will be promted to enter you email. From there, you will pick a date and time that works for you and sign-up for that session. If none of those dates and times work for you, please contact