"Hovering" Before You Click

What is "hovering"?

A phishing attack is an email in which includes a link to a malicious website that leads the victim into giving up private credentials or financial information. One of the best techniques in determining if an email is a phishing scam is to hover your mouse over the link to determine the full address. While more people are continuing to read emails on a mobile device every year, it is important to understand how to implement this same technique on a smart phone or tablet. 

How do I do this on a phone?

In order to "hover" on a link, all you need to do is hold your finger down on the link for a couple of seconds. A window will pop of that gives the full address of the link. This will help you determine whether or not the link leads to a malicious website or is reliable. The window will have an option to close the window or open a new window to the directed website.