CyberEscape Online

CyberEscape Online

RIT is excited to bring you a new and engaging information security awareness opportunity partnered with Living Security, a company that specializes in high production training programs. CyberEscape Online is an exciting adventure where you will have to work with your team to solve digital puzzles within a certain amount of time. Teamwork, problem solving, and good security habits will all be necessary to complete the objective in the time given. Check out the trailer for CyberEscape Online.

Sessions for this experience are offered on demand. Each session holds up to 8 participants, allowing you to either book individually or reserve all 8 spots for your team.

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What should I know before signing up?

  • This experience is hosted on Zoom by the RIT Information Security Office and will last one hour.
  • There is no cost to the attendees.
  • Chrome is the preferred browser.
  • The audio and video on your computer must be enabled.

Join us for a discussion of tips, tools, and best practices that will help you enjoy the internet more safely, whether you’re using a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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