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Summer Study

RIT English Language Center Summer Programs


if you are admitted to RIT with an English language contingency ... or if you just want to hone your English for the university setting,  study English online this summer.   Please note that you must have a computer or tablet with fully functioning audio and video capabilities to participate in the program.

The summer program is in two formats:  a 9-week program and a 5-week program. 

The English Language Center 9-week full summer program.  The courses are:  Academic Language Analysis, Academic Writing and Reading, and Academic Speaking and Listening.   There are 26 course periods per week.   The program is currently available for continuing ELC students and advanced level students who are provisionally admitted to an RIT degree program.    There are no beginner or intermediate level courses this summer.

The English Language center 5-week University English program.   This is one university academic English preparation course which integrates writing, reading, language analysis and spoken communication.  It is hyper-intensive with 31 course periods per week. 

Both RIT English Language Center summer programs:

  • focus on academic communication (what do professors expect?) to build professional skills
  • include interpersonal communication (what are North American norms?) to build confidence
  • culminate in an interactive symposium of student projects
  • include themes about RIT majors in science, technology, arts and business
  • include orientation to the particular environment of RIT and Rochester, NY
  • are FULL-TIME plans of study with lots of interaction with instructors and students - so don't expect a short and easy course! 

More about the programs:    See the Dates and Costs page for financial information. 


If you are an accepted RIT student, you simply need to contact RITELC@RIT.EDU to enroll!  (But you must be advanced level or higher, according to your TOEFL or IELTS scores.  Beginner and intermediate users fo English will begin study in the fall semester.)

Students outside of RIT who are preparing for a university degree must complete a formal application to the program.  Students must meet general ELC application criteria and must also meet a minimum TOEFL/IELTS requirement for the University English program.  Please visit our application page, or contact us at RITELC@RIT.EDU for questions about how to apply.


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