Academic Department Recommendations

The College Restoration Program is an academic intervention program for students who are experiencing academic difficulty, including suspension or probation.

Please carefully consider whether the student you are recommending meets the following criteria. Our program is not designed to manage attrition. Seats are limited and determined on a case-by-case basis.
We recommend reviewing our Students in Academic Distress handout for an overview of options.

Guidance for Advisors

Even though the student may have an account hold(s) and more than one incomplete "I" grade on their academic transcript, we will assist the student in resolving these issues.  

You have assessed that this student is ready to handle college level work. You believe they are capable of making academic progress in the College Restoration Program and long term.

You believe this student has genuine interest, ability, focus, and commitment to learning new study skills and developing healthy habits. They will proactively engage in their learning environment.

You have confidence in this student’s ability to meet all program completion requirements. You have had a discussion with them about acceptance criteria (original or new department).

You can provide recommended courses that match the student’s schedule in SIS or recommendations on other courses that may be more appropriate.

When making recommendations, you should define acceptance criteria, e.g. CRP term GPA, credit course term GPA and minimum acceptable credit course grade.

If the recommended student meets all the College Restoration Program requirements and the acceptance criteria for your academic department (or the new department), they must be readmitted.

Advisor Testimonials

CRP is a wonderful program that allows students to take a step back from their major and focus on what is going to help them in the long run: time management, juggling competing priorities, personal discovery, and self-advocacy.

Academic Advisor

Different students get different things from the program. Some students need a little encouragement, and a small success. Some need the consistent (required) mentoring. Some need to know how to study: how to actually take effective notes...overall, though, the greatest thing [CRP] helps with is confidence.

Academic Advisor