College Restoration Program

The College Restoration Program is dedicated to your growth and development as a student at RIT. Our goal is to teach you the skills, strategies, and model behaviors that lead to academic success.

We’ll help you uncover the academic and developmental factors that are interfering with your success.


The College Restoration Program, (CRP) is a one semester academic intervention program. We believe that your academic performance is based on more than your intelligence. Your success in your courses is a reflection of how you learn, the study strategies you use, and your attitude and self-awareness. Self-awareness is crucial to your success as a student.

If you are facing academic probation or academic suspension, CRP can help to improve your performance through a combination of classes in academic strategies, wellness, and one-on-one mentoring support.

Our classes are designed to help you identify and address the factors that are contributing to your academic difficulty.



Discover the areas that are interfering with your academic success at RIT.


Learn strategies and techniques that will help you in the long term, in the areas of time management, study skills, motivation, and wellness.

Goal Setting

Set specific and realistic goals that you can accomplish.


Develop greater academic autonomy through the support of a mentor and instructor(s).

Behavior Change

Discover new patterns of behavior that can lead to greater academic success.


Increase your self-esteem as you master techniques that will support your daily life and academic goals. Gain confidence in your ability to persist through challenge and adversity.


Improve your working relationships with your peers and instructors through effective communication.


Learn to advocate for yourself by being proactive and making choices that maximize your options.


Return to the academic department of your choice after successfully completing College Restoration Program.

Program Details

Our curriculum utilizes brain-based learning and developmental education research. They are designed to help you be more successful in college. Learn how to apply techniques in time management, organization, and study skills to your coursework. Discover motivational techniques that will serve you in your time here at RIT and beyond.

Academic Strategies (0 credit, 3 credit hour equivalency)

Designed to help you develop effective reading, listening, note taking, and study skills. Learn how to approach different teaching styles and course demands. You will also receive one-on-one support from an instructor.

Motivation and Wellness (0 credit, 3 credit hour equivalency)

Designed to assist you with motivation, time management, wellness, and self-care. Analyze your current self-motivation, practice creating and setting goals, and build better habits for both school and your overall wellness. Discover strategies for stress management and put them into practice. You will also receive one-on-one support from an instructor.

Our mentors are professional staff members and academic advocates. As a part of CRP, you will be assigned a mentor. Your mentor will be a source of valuable guidance and personal encouragement. They will support you on your path to personal development and academic growth.

Required Weekly Meetings (30 mins)

Meet weekly with your mentor to discuss academic progress and concerns. If there are personal issues impacting your academic performance, they may also be discussed.

Academic Progress

Your mentor will receive information from CRP and your credit course instructors about your progress throughout the term. They will also meet with you to review your Mid-Term Progress Report.


Our mentor curriculum includes support for class activities and focuses on your areas for improvement as determined by your online assessment and benchmark called the Learning And Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI).

Resource Recommendations

Your mentor may make suggestions and recommendations about additional support services. Some examples include: Academic Success Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, Writing Commons, Bates and Sol Study Centers for Math and Physics, etc. These resources may continue to be helpful beyond your time with College Restoration Program.

Please note that all issues related to academic requirements should be discussed with an academic advisor in an academic department.

Before entry into CRP, you will need to complete the online Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) pre-test. The LASSI will assess your awareness about your own learning and study strategies. Your pre-test results are reviewed in class and then compared to your post-test results in the last week of the program. Your LASSI results are also used in mentoring to tailor the individual support in a way that best meets your needs.

An increase in your post-LASSI scores can be a reflection of your time and investment in the program.

Learn more about the LASSI

As a CRP student, you will become part of the School of Individualized Study, (SoIS) as your home department.  You are required to maintain full-time status (12 credits minimum) for tuition and financial aid purposes.  Students utilizing VA benefits can only be certified for the credit bearing coursework they are enrolled in while in CRP.

Course Schedule:

Your schedule may look like this:

  • Three credit courses (generally 9-10 credits) of RIT credit-bearing courses, as recommended by your current academic department
  • CRP Academic Strategies (0 credit, 3 credit hour equivalency)
  • CRP Motivation and Wellness (0 credit, 3 credit hour equivalency)



Mid-Term Grades: Around week 11, you will receive a Mid-Term Progress Report to discuss with your mentor.

Final Grades: Final grades for all courses are recorded on your RIT academic transcript. Only final grades for credit-bearing courses are calculated into term and cumulative GPAs.

Generally speaking, in order to successfully complete the College Restoration Program you must achieve:

  • Minimum CRP GPA of 2.0
  • Minimum final grades of “C” /73% required for both CRP courses

Please note that if you are seeking to enroll in a program other than in the School of Individualized Studies, enrollment criteria may be different.

Change of Program: 

For students who successfully complete CRP and seek to enroll in a program other than the School of Individualized Study:

  • CRP will submit a written summary of your progress provided by your mentor (written narrative) and a Change of Program (COP) form to the academic program of your choice.
  • You may choose up to three different programs to apply to if you choose not to stay in the School of Individualized Study. Plan A (1st choice) and Plan B (2nd choice, should Plan A not be accepted). Some students also add a Plan C (3rd choice program) should both Plans A and B not be accepted. In order to remain at RIT, acceptance of one of these plans is required.

For Students who successfully complete CRP and seek entry into the School of Individualized Study:

  • To enter SoIS (APPLAS-BS) or a major in a different department, you must follow the application process for that major and obtain a signed Change of Program (COP) form, and email a written statement to the department.  For more information about statement criteria, contact the SoIS department.  If you seek acceptance into a major in a different department, you must follow the application process for that major and obtain a signed Change of Program, (COP) form showing acceptance into that program. 
  • If no completed COP forms are received by the CRP department at the end of your program, you will be suspended from RIT.   Successfully completing CRP does not automatically ensure that you will be enrolled in an academic program.  If an academic department of choice does not sign a COP form you will be suspended from RIT.

Once you’re accepted into an academic program, you will be enrolled in the Study Strategies Lab (ACSC 63)* offered by the Academic Success Center. This hands-on, free course is designed to help you stay on track. The course will support you in maintaining your study strategies and organizational skills. You will also receive regular support and feedback from an instructor.

The Academic Success Center offers additional services that may be helpful, including academic coaching.

Learn more about the Academic Success Center

*It is your responsibility to drop the Study Strategies Lab in SIS if you do not wish to remain enrolled. Failure to attend the class and withdraw from the course on SIS will result in a failing grade. This will be recorded on your academic transcript.

Student Success

Students who fully engage with and complete this program, have the ability to walk away with new skills and changed behaviors. They now have the confidence to execute new strategies for their academic and personal success.


of students, on average, remain at RIT the term following CRP


of those who return remain in good standing at RIT one year later

The program was extremely helpful and taught me a lot of very useful skills that I can use for the rest of my academic career.

CRP Student

I believe CRP does a great job motivating the students to get back on track. Also, the instructors and the mentors did a great job. They are amazing people that are easy to talk to and great at what they do.

CRP Parent
Student writing on handout.

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