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 Academic Coaching

Meet one-on-one with a trained peer mentor and discuss topics such as time management, organization, and the study process. Walk away with some practical tools and strategies as well as a greater awareness of helpful resources on campus. Combat those feelings of falling behind or feeling overwhelmed with your academics.
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 Instructor-led Academic Coaching

Meet weekly, one-on-one, with an instructor to work toward your academic goals in an independent study-like format. Designed for first- and second-year students transitioning to college learning, this fee-based program supports your growth in the areas of time management, organization, learning strategies, goal setting, the study process, and self-advocacy.
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 Math and Physics Assessments

Meet one-on-one with one of our staff content experts and complete a diagnostic exam. The results are used to determine your strengths and weaknesses so we can help develop a course of action. Some recommendations may include utilizing our study centers, math handouts and or enrollment in one of our courses.
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 Math and Physics Drop-in Tutoring

Stop by Bates, located in Gosnell Hall or find our tutors online. Peer tutors are ready to help with algebra, trigonometry, physics, calculus, and more.
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 Math and Physics Support Courses

These zero-credit courses are designed to help you review and strengthen math skills and physics concepts.
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 Supplemental Instruction

Take a proactive approach to your courses and try an SI session. For those who are enrolled in supported sections of traditionally challenging courses, these biweekly sessions can help increase your understanding of the course material, improve your study skills, and potentially earn a higher grade. Conducted by a peer leader, who had previously completed the course, these structured one hour sessions encourage collaboration to identify what to learn and how to learn it.
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 Success Courses

Support your learning by improving your study strategies, habits, and awareness. These free zero-credit courses allow you to practice and develop your time management skills, study skills, and academic organization all with the support and feedback of an instructor.
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 Tutor for Hire

Connect with or become a private tutor through this CampusGroups service. You can search by subject, book an appointment, and message all through the interface.
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 NTID Academic Support

The Academic Success Center provides services for all RIT and RIT/NTID supported Baccalaureate and Graduate degree-seeking students. In addition, NTID’s Pre-Baccalaureate and AS (2+2), students can also access ASC services and should first discuss the services and options with their NTID Counselor/Academic Advisor. Students enrolled in other NTID associates degree program (AAS or AOS) should first seek support from the NTID's Counseling and Academic Advising Services office to determine what university support services would be appropriate.
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